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Rx124 Club

Rx124 Club

Prescription Saving Program for Members

At just nominal price, you can be member too. So join today.

Rx124 Club program has more than 400 medications at discounted prices.
Please click below to download a complete list of medications. You may also call us at 407-703-5951 if you have any questions.

Rx124 Club Medication List

Download the list


Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is eligible to join Rx124 Club?

Anyone can join Rx124 Club and take a full advantage of the program, however if you have Medicare Part-D, you will get discount on a limited number of drugs.

How much does it cost to join?

It will cost only $30 per member for year 2018. Membership will expire on 31st Dec, 2018.

Can I signup for membership online?

No. We require our patients to come in person to signup.

Is there a family membership available?

Unfortunately, no. Each member gets assigned a unique ID therefore everyone has to have their own membership.

Can I get 3 month supply of my medication?

Yes, you can get up to a 3 month supply if prescription is authorized so by your doctor.

Can I get my medications mailed to my address?

We do not mail prescription medications at this time.

Can I use this membership at any other pharmacies?

No other pharmacies are affiliated by this program.

Do I need a prescription to purchase these medications if I am member?

Yes. It is illegal to sell any prescription medication without proper authorization from a licensed physician.

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